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The Flow Chemistry Society was formed by internationally recognized flow chemistry experts in 2010 to unite and represent those who are actively working on this rapidly developing field. The Society is dedicated to enhance the public appreciation of flow chemistry and its integration into everyday practice throughout the world by delivering the latest knowledge and making it available for the entire chemistry community.

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2014 IUPAC-ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry

The IUPAC Committee on Chemistry and Industry´s Nomination Jury is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2014 IUPAC - ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry is the University of Cambridge professor Steven V. Ley. Professor Ley receives this award for his outstanding contribution and creative work in methodologies for organic synthesis, especially in multi-step synthesis in continuous flow chemistry reactor systems.

The Award will be presented at the Award Ceremony during the 13th International Conferences on MicroREaction Technology (June 23-25, 2014) organized by the Flow Chemistry Society in collaboration with AKCongress in Budapest, Hungary on June 25th at 9.00 am, where professor Ley will hold an award lecture.

The Prize was established in 2012 by a generous gift from the Hungarian Technology company ThalesNano Inc. to acknowledge the key role that flow chemistry plays towards the improvement of chemical processes, and all nominees were highly respected and well supported scientists. The jury has chosen Prof. Ley as the winner out of a list of highly respectable scientists, nominated and recommended by leading scientists of the field. The jury comprises the chair of COCI, a representative of the Flow Chemistry Society, and three more international experts.

The winner of the 2012 IUPAC - ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry was Prof. Klavs F. Jensen from MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA, USA for his outstanding achievements and contributions to flow chemistry. The ceremony was held at the 2nd International Flow Chemistry Conference of the Flow Chemistry Society in Munich, Germany on March 13th 2012 where Prof. Klavs F. Jensen presented his award lecture.

TThank you all for your nominations, the Jury members for their hard work and commitment to rank these great candidates and select the winner, and also the nominees for preparing the documents needed.

We look forward to seeing you at the ceremony.

2012 IUPAC-ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry


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Journal of Flow Chemistry 2012 impact factor announced: 4.091

The first impact factor of the Journal of Flow Chemistry (JFC) was announced in the 2013 edition of the Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) in June 2013. The remarkable value of 4.091 confirms the high importance of the research field and the scientific impact of the articles published in the journal.

The Journal of Flow Chemistry, the periodical of the Flow Chemistry Society published by Akadémiai Kiadó, was selected for coverage in the Science Citation Index in February, 2013. The quarterly journal was launched in August 2011, which means that the official impact factor was reached within two years.

New journals rarely achieve this level of acknowledgment so fast. The Journal of Flow Chemistry, however, is a groundbreaking initiative publishing papers on the fast growing field of continuous operations of chemical reactions that offer numerous benefits and advantages including safe, fast, economic, green and sustainable synthesis. The idea of the journal attracted many highly cited scientists from around the world so the average Hirsch-index of both the editors (30.2) and corresponding authors (28.0) is remarkable. JFC invites manuscripts of the experts of the above fields.

The Journal of Flow Chemistry is the 32nd of 152 journals in the ´Chemistry, Multidisciplinary´ subject category of the Science Citation Index®. This is the 23rd journal with an impact factor published by Akadémiai Kiadó, one of the leading publishers in Central Europe (a Wolters Kluwer company founded in 1828).